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生物海洋資料庫提供海洋生態群聚資料之整合、分析與資訊服務 Bio-data of marine ecological research are curated, analyzed, and provided as information services in ODB, IONTU

Bio-ocean Targets

生物海洋資料庫目前致力於海洋生物(浮游動物、仔稚魚為主)群聚分佈與環境關聯性等資訊服務 Bio-ocean database App targets on distribution of marine bio-communities (majorly copepod and larval fish) and their relationships with marine environment.

Identify the Copepods

Coming soon! New website for KEY TO THE GENERA OF CALANOID COPEPODS.

BioQuery Features

BioQuery 主要功能:(1) 海洋生物地理分布 (2) 物種多樣性資訊呈現 BioQuery provides data services to query geographic distribution of marine species, and regional species richness and composition.

Open API for Bio-database

Opne API of ODB provides a RESTful API for bio-database, and is integrated with BioQuery in an interactive interface. Click link and start to use. More data and applications are in ODB www.odb.ntu.edu.tw

New BioQuery App is online. Just explore our bio-ocean!

We started to build up a bio-ocean database in late 2009. It is focusing on the zooplankton and larval fish abundance in the surrounding seas of Taiwan, providing the essential biological parameter to test regional ecological hypotheses.

BioQuery and Open API

BioQuery and Open API
Query App for bio-database, ODB 海洋生物資料庫查詢

Calanoid Copepods of China Seas

Calanoid Copepods of China Seas
Guide book to the distribution, morphology, and taxonomy for calanoid copepods of China Seas. Furthermore, search key to calanoid copepods here: https://bio.odb.ntu.edu.tw/copkey

Zooplankton sp. overview

Zooplankton sp. overview
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